Bucket List

In a post I wrote in September 2017, called “20. A Conversation: Chapter 2 – Bucket Lists,” I talked about how important it is to keep an ever-growing list of things you want to accomplish in your life, most often referred to as a “Bucket List.” Originally, I was going to just copy/paste my actual bucket list into that post and leave it there. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that my bucket list could be a source of inspiration for you to follow along with my achievements and to also create a list of your own!

I decided to dedicate a page on this site to my personal Bucket List. Beyond just a long numbered checklist of random things I’d like to acheive in my own life, I thought it would be much more entertaining and insightful to group my goals into appropriate categories and also share a very brief snippet of the story behind that goal (if needed). So, enough talk, let’s get right down to it, shall we?

As much as I wanted to categorize and design this to be much easier to go through, I remembered the quote I mentioned in one of my posts that says “perfect is the enemy of done.” So, as much as it makes me cringe that this is not “pretty,” here is my bucket list:


– Travel Overseas

– Fly on a commercial airplane

– Drive a Tesla

– Become a husband

– Become a dad

– Become debt-free

– Play drums in a band in front of a crowd

– Meet Andy Stanley

– Meet Louie Giglio

– Meet Chris Tomlin

– Meet a celebrity in public unexpectedly

– Hold a snake

– Ride a zip line 

– Buy something at Apple (not accessories)

– Pay cash for a car

– Buy a house

– Buy a business

– Start my own business

– Drive a tractor-trailer (semi)

– Drive a stick-shift commercial truck across state lines

– Get a motorcycle license

– Buy a motorcycle

– Take a long motorcycle trip

– Change a tire

– Change my own oil

– Begin learning a new language

– Visit the Bahamas

– Drive a right-side vehicle (picture)

– Ride a motorcycle in a foreign country (picture)

– Get a tattoo

– Get half of my arm tattooed

– Get a leg tattoo

– Run a half-marathon

– Get my first client in a business I start

– Go to a Braves game at Turner Field

– Go to a Braves game at SunTrust Park

– Go to a Georgia Bulldogs game

– Go to a South Carolina Gamecocks football game

– Play snare drum in high school marching band

– Be a pallbearer at a funeral (too morbid?)

– Watch all of the original Star Wars movies

– Visit Hilton Head Island

– Visit Myrtle Beach

– Visit St. Augustine

– Visit Nashville

– Visit St. Louis

– Visit St. Louis Budweiser brewery/headquarters

– Visit Chicago

– Visit New Orleans

– Eat on Bourbon Street

– Flash someone and get beads thrown at me in New Orleans

– Visit Louisville, KY

– Visit Charlotte

– Visit Jacksonville

– Visit Duck Dynasty headquarters

– Attend a Passion Conference

– Volunteer for Passion Conferences

Not Done:

– Go skydiving

– Get a college degree

– Travel to California

– Visit Apple headquarters

– Visit Google headquarters

– Travel to all 50 states

– Go to a Falcons game at MBS

– Go to a Hawks game

– Go to an Atlanta United soccer game

– Be a groomsman in a wedding

– Be a best man in a wedding

States I’ve Visited:

– Georgia

– South Carolina

– North Carolina

– Virginia

– Tennessee

– Kentucky

– Indiana

– Illinois

– Missouri

– Florida

– Alabama

– Mississippi

– Louisiana

– Texas

Cars I’ve Driven (don’t ask):

– Ford F-150

– Ford F-250

– Ford Mustang

– Ford Flex

– Ford Explorer

– Ford Ranger

– Ford Focus

– Ford Taurus

– Ford Escort

– Ford Escape

– Ford Fusion

– Mazda Tribute

– Mazda 6

– Jeep Wrangler

– Jeep Grand Cherokee

– Jeep (older model Cherokee-like SUV?)

– Jeep Patriot

– Chevy Tahoe

– Chevy Cobalt

– Chevy Silverado

– Chevy Camaro 

– Chevy Outlander (?) minivan 

– Lexus SUV

– Dodge Ram

– Dodge Grand Caravan

– Mercury Milan

– Mercury Grand Marquis

– Acura SUV

– Toyota Corolla

– Nissan Xterra

– Nissan Altima

Motorcycles I’ve Ridden:

– Kawasaki KLR

– HD Electra Glide

– HD Road Glide

– Yamaha V-Star 1300?

– Suzuki GS800